Wednesday, March 9, 2016


My three-week vacation to Argentina and Uruguay was wonderfully intense, with lots of sight-seeing, family reunions and unexpected findings. 

While in Buenos Aires, I visited the Boca neighborhood and the area known as "Caminito." 

In the 1800s there was a small stream in the area and later railroad tracks where installed. Eventually, the railroad fell into disuse and the place became a local eyesore, housing many tenements made out of zinc metal panels. 
Tenements turned into artisan shops

In the 1950s, Argentine artist Benito Quinquela Martin painted the walls facing the abandoned street and constructed a stage at one end, which was replaced by a theater house in 1972. The area is now a tourist attraction with many cafés, tango singers and dancers, and artisan shops where the tenement rooms once were. The area's cultural significance comes from the famous tango "Caminito" composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto in 1926.

Choosing a mug Guaralonga Cerámica.
Walking through the area I came upon a local ceramics shop, Guaralonga Cerámica, and chatted with Michael who ended up being from Uruguay. He was painting local motifs from the area onto his mugs, plates and other creations. Of course, I bought one of these lovely mugs and it's now taking its place among my collection of mugs.

Upon leaving the area, I came upon this sign. I have no idea who put it up or why, but certainly concur that the world does, indeed, need more poetry.

We Need More Poetry!

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