Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've decided to dive right in and create a blog! Its purpose is to facilitate a dialogue with those interested in my pottery as well as delve into discussions of other ideas and topics of interest.

So we begin!

Clay has been part of a transformation in my life. The work of creating pots has taken me on an amazing journey of self-discovery. On the way, I have met wonderfully generous potters who continue to inspire me. Several years ago, at a special showing at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC, I was fortunate to be able to hold in my hands a thousand-year-old Chinese pot. Feeling the pot's weight and tracing the marks left by that ancient potter was a powerful and uplifting experience because I felt that the pot was able to connect me to the unknown potter of centuries past. I believe that these connections between the maker and the user explain the attraction of handmade pottery and handmade work in general.

Because I came to pottery late in life, it is more a way of finding my bliss than of earning a living. It is a joy to find that people like my work and want to own my pieces, but pottery's main purpose in my life is to keep me centered.