Monday, September 29, 2008

Pots Don't Get Ruined in the Rain!

Our local guild held an outdoor show on Sept 27th. The night before the show I woke up at 4am to the sound of thunder and pouring rain! I thought for sure that the show would be cancelled, but by 6:30am the rain had let up and, since we were already packed, the show was on!

In addition to wet grass, another byproduct of the downpour was swarms of gnats. Fortunately someone had bug repellent and we were able to stave them off... the bugs let up as the day wore on... or maybe I just got used to them. It drizzled off and on all morning and the sun peeked out a couple of times.

The crowd was sparse but we were kept busy enough until about 2pm when one of the potters got a phone call warning of a big downpour heading our way. We scurried about packing as fast as we could but the rain caught us in the middle of the frantic packing. We got soaked!

Yet, we all agreed that we had a really nice time despite the rain and the lackluster sales. We got to visit and catch up with each other, talk pots and generally enjoy each other's company. This is what I love about being a potter: the camaraderie and generosity of other potters, their willingness to help and share, and the fact that nobody melts in the rain!

Oh! And the show? Well, as I said the crowd was sparse and the economy being what it is sales weren't what they could have been. I, however, did comparatively well. Because of the weak economy, I had made several inexpensive mugs and brie bakers... and that's what sold!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pots and Plants Take 2!

Here are the finished pitchers and vase with the "plants" motif that I blogged about earlier. They are glazed and ready to go! I am very pleased with the results! I thought that attaching all the little leaves and curlicues might get a bit tedious but, surprisingly, it was a very calming endeavor: I just got into a rythm and enjoyed doing it. This, as well as the painted vases and dishes, is new to me. It's not something that I ever imagined myself doing, but this year has been one of experimentation and challenging myself to do different things or go about the usual things in a different manner.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mugs Right Out of the Kiln!

I just got some mugs out of the kiln and I have to admit that I'm not entirely satisfied with the results. One of the results I'm not all that happy with is the Obama/Biden mugs. (I probably shouldn't have wiped the glaze off the lettering.) I have about 10 more mugs drying right now. I'm going to try a different way of doing the lettering and also use different glazes that are more translucent. They should be ready next week.

I also attempted to make square mugs following Keith Phillips instructions in his video, which appeared in Ceramic Arts Daily ( The video is called "Hip to be Square: Making Squared-Off Mugs on the Potter's Wheel"). I was "outwardly" successful, but don't look inside the mugs because every single one of them has a crack along the bottom corners! However, I think that they did turn out looking very nice... especially if you're only planning to look at them!

While I was attempting to make Keith's mugs I got the notion to put four little feet on regular round mugs. This gives them the idea of squareness and I don't risk any cracks on the bottom. I pushed the bottom of a needle tool into the clay where the feet were added and it makes it look like the mugs are on wheels!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama/Biden Mugs!

I've been making mugs and decided to make some that say "Obama/Biden '08". I am planning to donate the proceeds from these mugs to the Obama for President campaign. Here is a picture of them, drying... I am thinking of glazing them all dark blue, of course! I should have them fired and glazed by next week and I'll be making more. I am thinking of pricing them between $16 and $20. Would love some comments/suggestions.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Benefit for Meals on Wheels!

September 7 is Grandparents Day and the Wild, Wise & Witty Grandmamas of Etsy are having a special event to benefit Meals on Wheels!

I will be donating 10% of the sales in my shop throughout the month! Visit

Here is a list of the participating shops:

A to F -- 10% of Sept. sales -- 10% of Sept. sales -- I will be donating an item and the sales from that I will donate to MOW. I will showcase it in my shop. -- 10% of all sales in September 2008 -- 10% of all September sales -- free postage on all sales and 20% of one sold item donated -- 10% of sales from Sep.1-30/08 -- $2 from each dishcloth sold in September -- 10% off every purchase through Sept. 08 (not including shipping) with the exception of Pink for the Cure as 100% is going to a different charity

F to K -- 10% of September sales -- $2 from each sale Sept.1-30/08 *With the exception of one special chime named 'Love is....a Grandmama' this special chime will be 100% donated along with free shipping on this one* -- 10% of the proceeds of my sales during the month of September -- 10% of all sales completed between Sep 1-30/08 -- I will donate 10% of my handcrafted jewelry for the month of September -- 10% of all sales to MOW Sept 1-30 2008 -- 10% of all sales in September -- 10% of the proceeds of my September sales

L to R -- 10% of all sales during Sept. 1 thru 30th 2008 -- Total proceeds of 1 specified item or 10% of all sales whichever is higher -- 10% of all sales during the month of September -- 10% of all sales through September -- I will be donating an item and the sales from that I will donate to MOW. I will showcase it in my shop. -- 50 cents from each item sold by my grandchildren, Ryan & Ashlee (aged 11), will be donated to our local MOW. They will have a separate section in the shop for their sales 'ryash creations' -- 10% of all sales in the month of September to be donated to MOW

S to Z -- 10% of sales during Sept -- 10% of all sales for the month of September -- I will have a section for MOW and 10% of those will go to MOW -- I will donate 20% of any sale made in my shop during the month of September to Meals on Wheels -- 10% of all sales in September 2008 -- 10% sales in September

Find all Meals On Wheels benefit items by searching for the tag wwwgmowbenefit:

It's the Attitude!

When I started my love affair with pottery my first attraction was to pitchers. I have been trying to figure out what it is about pitchers (and not mugs or bowls or casserole dishes!) that calls my attention. The first pitcher I bought was made by Phil Rogers. His was also the first workshop I ever attended, so this is a very special pitcher! I also took workshops taught by Steven Hill and Kevin Crowe and bought their pitchers as well. And I have a pitcher made by my long-time teacher and friend, Jane Cullum, as well as a tiny porcelain pitcher by Beth Kendall. I have a soy bottle made by Sandy Pierantozzi… not strictly a pitcher, but it still counts! I also have a pitcher that found it’s way to me rather than the other way around. A gallery at which I had my work closed and my pieces were packed and sent to me, among them was a pitcher that wasn’t mine. When I called to report this, the owner told me to keep it because they themselves didn’t know who had made it (I should note that this was also a teaching studio). And finally, I have to include in the list a creamer that is part of a set with a coffeepot and sugar bowl that were a gift from my father’s sister to my parents when they married in 1948. The pattern is called “Sunshine” and it was made in England by J&G Meakin. After looking at photos of these pieces, I see what it is about pitchers that I like: their attitude!

Take a look at some pitchers with attitude in the shops of these Etsy potters: by trpottery by pagepottery by earthtoannie by patspottery by brookehousepottery by montezumamudd by ontheriseagain by kovarikpottery by JDWolfePottery by phenixpottery by misspottery by barbdunshee by jnpottery by lapellapottery by flaxenk123 by dkpottery by muddyfingers by alinahayes by pottersvision by terraworks by dbabcock by khphilips by vesselsandwares by chARiTyelise by potterybyJolene by averly by antb by jorgensenstudio by frostindri by mepottery by coloradoartstudio by cwinokurporttery by creativewithclay by btclay by timseeclay by fivefingerpottery by alicelasky