Monday, September 29, 2008

Pots Don't Get Ruined in the Rain!

Our local guild held an outdoor show on Sept 27th. The night before the show I woke up at 4am to the sound of thunder and pouring rain! I thought for sure that the show would be cancelled, but by 6:30am the rain had let up and, since we were already packed, the show was on!

In addition to wet grass, another byproduct of the downpour was swarms of gnats. Fortunately someone had bug repellent and we were able to stave them off... the bugs let up as the day wore on... or maybe I just got used to them. It drizzled off and on all morning and the sun peeked out a couple of times.

The crowd was sparse but we were kept busy enough until about 2pm when one of the potters got a phone call warning of a big downpour heading our way. We scurried about packing as fast as we could but the rain caught us in the middle of the frantic packing. We got soaked!

Yet, we all agreed that we had a really nice time despite the rain and the lackluster sales. We got to visit and catch up with each other, talk pots and generally enjoy each other's company. This is what I love about being a potter: the camaraderie and generosity of other potters, their willingness to help and share, and the fact that nobody melts in the rain!

Oh! And the show? Well, as I said the crowd was sparse and the economy being what it is sales weren't what they could have been. I, however, did comparatively well. Because of the weak economy, I had made several inexpensive mugs and brie bakers... and that's what sold!



I hear ya...
Boy, did I have a similar experience.

Muddyfingers said...

Graciela, re: the economy, the big annual sale that I do with 'the clay group' in early Nov. is coming and we are all wondering how the economy will affect sales. I've decided to make smaller, more affordable items and I think that's a smart way to go. Judging from your experience at your sale, looks like it's a good call!