Friday, January 27, 2012

Starting 2012... a little late

I am so late in wishing everyone a wonderful new year! But here it is anyway: Happy New Year! I seem to be finally recuperating from a nasty bug that caught me in early December and has kept me quite lackluster.

It's January 27th and I'm doing the first glaze firing of the year in my newly reconditioned 15-year old Skutt manual kiln. The Kiln Doctor (aka Mike Swauger) came by last week and changed the elements, rewired the dials, fixed the kiln sitter and cemented a crack on the lid. Now I'm all systems go for the next 100 firings or so.

And today was a perfectly wonderful day! The weather was Spring-like in Northern Virginia and I was able to glaze with the studio door open. But what made this day fantastic was the arrival of a very mysterious package by Royal Mail all the way from Wales. Here's what was in it:

A sweet little Phil Rogers jug with a wonderful note from Phil who had heard that I had lost the large pitcher of his that I bought circa 1994 in this Summer's earthquake (see my earlier post). So he sent me this beautiful jar as a small replacement.

I am over the moon! Not only because I once again own an intact Phil Rogers piece, but also because Phil's gesture confirms my view that potters are the most generous people around.

The new pot has taken a place of honor on the dining room hutch.