Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Many Thanks!

Sofie with butterfly face paint.
Almost a month has gone by and I haven't had time to update the blog! It has been an extremely busy as well as rewarding month!

I was at the City of Fairfax Holiday Craft Show again this year on November 20 and 21. It was wonderful to see many old friends and customers! The second day of the show was much better than the first, and I think that's because #1 daughter, Bibi, was there helping me. She is the Queen of the Tableau, rearranging my displays to best effect, and also a fantastic salesperson (to say nothing of her packing skills!).

The first weekend in December was the City of Falls Church Show. Once again, I was heartened to see many people come by because they had received my postcard. I have to thank #2 daughter, Andi, for designing a magnificent postcard once again this year. Granddaughter Sofie came by to help on Sunday, greeting all the customers and steering traffic to my booth by just being her cute, sweet self!

Although customers laughed saying that everyone they know has a brie baker, these were, once again, top sellers. I sold 19 brie bakers in the two shows. The yarn bowls and baskets were extremely popular, I sold 9 of those at the shows and would have sold more if I'd them. I was surprised that many people had not seen yarn bowls. But they did think that they were great gift ideas once they saw them.I did manage to make enough ornaments this year: I sold 105 ornaments between the two shows. The textured trees, both large and small, continue to be a hit!

In addition to the shows, sales on Etsy have been hopping. They picked up right after Thanksgiving and have not stopped, allowing me to reach my goal of 200 sales. This averages out to 6.5 sales a month in the past 2.5 years since I opened my Etsy store. I'm very pleased with that!

So thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came by my booth at the Fairfax and Falls Church shows, as well as to all my wonderful Etsy customers!