Monday, October 22, 2012

Best New Studio Tool


As I've mentioned before, my studio is very small. I recently got something that has really simplified my life even though, at first, I thought it would just add to the clutter. Here's the story:

Mom, who's turning 86 on Friday, has a habit of giving us things she no longer has any need for every time we visit. A few weeks ago, she gave me a cart she used for her oil painting. She has given up oil painting in favor of knitting Afghans for her great-grandchildren and making hook-latch rugs. 

It's a great cart!

I thought this cart was just going to be a nuisance in the studio. Instead, it has become my current favorite! I've put all my tools in it, which freed up a lot of counter space around my wheel (always a good thing!). 

The cart is small (16" by 25"), has 3 shelves, and is on casters. When I need a tool I can easily reach for the cart and roll it towards me no matter what I'm doing or where I am in the studio.