Monday, September 1, 2008

It's the Attitude!

When I started my love affair with pottery my first attraction was to pitchers. I have been trying to figure out what it is about pitchers (and not mugs or bowls or casserole dishes!) that calls my attention. The first pitcher I bought was made by Phil Rogers. His was also the first workshop I ever attended, so this is a very special pitcher! I also took workshops taught by Steven Hill and Kevin Crowe and bought their pitchers as well. And I have a pitcher made by my long-time teacher and friend, Jane Cullum, as well as a tiny porcelain pitcher by Beth Kendall. I have a soy bottle made by Sandy Pierantozzi… not strictly a pitcher, but it still counts! I also have a pitcher that found it’s way to me rather than the other way around. A gallery at which I had my work closed and my pieces were packed and sent to me, among them was a pitcher that wasn’t mine. When I called to report this, the owner told me to keep it because they themselves didn’t know who had made it (I should note that this was also a teaching studio). And finally, I have to include in the list a creamer that is part of a set with a coffeepot and sugar bowl that were a gift from my father’s sister to my parents when they married in 1948. The pattern is called “Sunshine” and it was made in England by J&G Meakin. After looking at photos of these pieces, I see what it is about pitchers that I like: their attitude!

Take a look at some pitchers with attitude in the shops of these Etsy potters: by trpottery by pagepottery by earthtoannie by patspottery by brookehousepottery by montezumamudd by ontheriseagain by kovarikpottery by JDWolfePottery by phenixpottery by misspottery by barbdunshee by jnpottery by lapellapottery by flaxenk123 by dkpottery by muddyfingers by alinahayes by pottersvision by terraworks by dbabcock by khphilips by vesselsandwares by chARiTyelise by potterybyJolene by averly by antb by jorgensenstudio by frostindri by mepottery by coloradoartstudio by cwinokurporttery by creativewithclay by btclay by timseeclay by fivefingerpottery by alicelasky


JNpottery said...

I agree, pitchers do have "attitude". They seem to have their noses in the air and hands on hips.

Thanks for linking to my shop!
Judy (aka JNPottery)

Tara Robertson said...

Great article! Thanks for listing my pitcher :)

pat's pottery said...

Thank you soooo much:>)

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

Great note on pitchers. You have a beautiful Steven Hill piece too. I have one of his mugs and someday will buy his pitcher too.