Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mugs Right Out of the Kiln!

I just got some mugs out of the kiln and I have to admit that I'm not entirely satisfied with the results. One of the results I'm not all that happy with is the Obama/Biden mugs. (I probably shouldn't have wiped the glaze off the lettering.) I have about 10 more mugs drying right now. I'm going to try a different way of doing the lettering and also use different glazes that are more translucent. They should be ready next week.

I also attempted to make square mugs following Keith Phillips instructions in his video, which appeared in Ceramic Arts Daily ( The video is called "Hip to be Square: Making Squared-Off Mugs on the Potter's Wheel"). I was "outwardly" successful, but don't look inside the mugs because every single one of them has a crack along the bottom corners! However, I think that they did turn out looking very nice... especially if you're only planning to look at them!

While I was attempting to make Keith's mugs I got the notion to put four little feet on regular round mugs. This gives them the idea of squareness and I don't risk any cracks on the bottom. I pushed the bottom of a needle tool into the clay where the feet were added and it makes it look like the mugs are on wheels!

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