Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More on the Virginia DSG Team

As I mentioned earlier, Design Style Guide has created state teams. I, of course, am a member of the Virginia DSG Team. Today, I am highlighting fellow team member Sue Furrow.

Sue loves to paint using acrylics and oils. She especially loves to paint on Masa Rice paper with acrylics, but because it's so time consuming she feels that it stands in the way of spontaneity and hasn't used it lately. Sue is inspired by nature and the pieces in her Etsy shop include wildlife, gardens and landscapes. She lives in Salem, Virginia, in the southwestern mountains of the Blue Ridge, outside of Roanoke and about 25 minutes away from Blacksburg and Virginia Tech (GO HOKIES!). She has a studio in her father's old workshop, which she cleaned out and remodeled to suit her needs.

Sue has a big family and a grand baby on the way. She works in a shoe store and she says that everything she knows about computers she learned in the past year. For someone with an online store and a blog, that's pretty quick learning if you ask me!


Regina Terrae said...

Wow, I LOVE her stuff!

Sue Furrow said...

Hi Graciela, Thank you for such a flattering post! I still have a long way to go with computers, just this evening, I spent 1 and a half hours trying to do a screen capture of a treasury I was in so I could post it on my blog. I finally did it now I'm to tired to blog it. Anyway, I thank you for your gracious post. Best Wishes,Sue

NewDominionBlues said...

Great post on a great artist!