Monday, June 15, 2009

Charan Sachar's Color Feature

Charan Sachar is a spectacularly creative potter from Seattle, Washington, who makes pieces inspired by the colors of his native India. Check out his Etsy store and you'll know what I mean. His dancing diva wall sculptures seem to have been taken directly from a Bollywood movie! And the color dance doesn't stop there, even his salt and pepper shakers dance!

His fascination with color has prompted Charan to do a "Color of the Week" feature on his blog. This week's color is buttery cream and Charan has featured one of my platters. Do visit Charan's blog and Etsy site, I promise that you'll be bookmarking them!

Thanks Charan!


Docks-Pottery said...

Graziella,Thanks very much for your visit. If you want to see how my garden in torino continues to grow although Berlusconi to win, unfortunately. Visit Ortocasa filippo. Ciao

Sue Furrow said...

You are right-Charan's work is great. But I like your raku pieces better. I watched a fella firing and throwing pcs. in a trash can w/ newspapers and sawdust at a country fest. Really enjoyed that. It is hard work.