Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Work Area

I don't have a large studio so finding a place to put all my inventory, to organize and pack pots to take to shows or to Manassas Clay or to ship Etsy purchases has always been a big problem for me. I was struggling with my boxes following the last of the shows when my husband peeked into my study and said "What you need are some shelves" and off he went! Before I knew it, there he was, with the boards and the tools putting shelves up on the wall!

Now I can see what I have, I know where things are and I can easily find something that just sold on Etsy. Thanks Chris!!!

Here's a picture of the work in progress:

And here's the end result! My study seems huge now... The table is not all cluttered, making it easier to weigh and ship items that sell. And I have a perfect place for taking photos of my work.


Suzanne said...

what a beautiful thing your husband did for you...he must really love you!

NewDominionBlues said...