Monday, April 4, 2011

Helping the Potters of Mashiko

Destroyed Hamada Platter
Destroyed Kiln in Mashiko

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan had a devastating effect on the potters of Japan. Information from Mashiko is that nearly all of the Nobori kilns have been destroyed. Damage to the Hamada Reference Museum has been very severe with priceless national treasures lost.

Donated Sushi Set
The Etsy Mud Team are working together to raise money to aid the potters of Mashiko. Members will donate 100% of the proceeds from sales of specific items to the relief fund set up by the internationally known Leach Pottery which has a long history with the village of Mashiko. (For more information: You can view and purchase the donated pieces here: 
Donated bottle

Below are additional links for anyone interested in donating directly to  help rebuild the potteries.

Now is as good a time as ever to become acquainted with the work of the Craft Emergency Relief Fund ( and think about your own emergency preparedness. The website has important information for artists, including the Studio Protector, a tool that provides information for preparing for and recovering from emergencies, including fires.

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