Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Check out Sewtype on Etsy!

It all started when I got a new phone last September and needed a case for it. Of course, the first thing I did was search on Etsy and I ended up at Christine Russell's shop, Sewtype. I got the perfect phone case in a fabric I picked out. It has a long strap and a small pocket just the right size for a credit card, driver's license and a couple of dollars. Now, when I pick up the grandkids after school I don't need to carry my bag, all I need is the small case strapped over my shoulder!

I was so pleased with the phone case that I decided I needed a quilted bag in the same fabric. But I wanted it to have pockets all around the inside. "No problem!" said Christine. She quickly understood what I was looking for and just as quickly I had my custom order bag in my hands. Now I am perfectly organized and no longer lose my keys, pens, glasses in the bottom of my bag. The final item I got, also in the same fabric, was a card case for my business cards.

Christine has been sewing since she was 4-years old, learning from her mother to make doll clothes. For most of her life, she made her own clothes as well as wedding dresses for 3 nieces. She started her business when her husband suffered a stroke and she needed to stay close to home to help him. Sewing and typing were her best skills but she didn't need any more clothes for herself, and typing jobs didn’t provide the calming diversion she was looking for. So Christine started experimenting with quilted bags and then moved on to diaper bags when a niece had a baby. This was followed by baby blankets. And the rest is history: Sewtype on Etsy was born!

Please visit her wonderful shop, and tell her Grace sent you!

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