Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm baaaack!

What a busy Summer! I never found the time or the inspiration to blog, but I did get quite a bit accomplished. 

This Summer's derecho storm caused the loss of a few trees behind my studio which means that now there is a lot more sun in that area of the backyard. So I decided to do some landscaping back there. Of course, a have the proverbial "brown thumb" and there's only so much sun and mosquitoes I can take. That means that I'm doing it little by little. But I'm happy with the progress so far.

The first effort was to do the sides of the studio and create a sort of Zen installation with logs from the felled cedar tree and stones and pebbles that I dug up while planting, including some pumice rocks brought from Montserrat's Soufriere Hills volcano. The second effort was to start to lay down some gravel for a path and work on the area next to the neighbor's fence. I planted 5 azaleas there and, sadly, they're looking pretty bad. I can't decide whether to return them or give them some more time to adapt (although one looks totally dead). I also transplanted some day lilies (that originally came from my husband's grandmother's house), so I'm hoping that next Spring I'll have a lot of new growth.

At the end of the path I put some more of the cedar logs, which makes an unexpectedly comfortable place to sit quietly and enjoy the new space. Now I need to tackle the area behind the studio.

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julie cavender said...

That looks nice! Nothing like an unexpected weather event to change your whole yard.