Friday, July 25, 2014

Family collaboration: SRL joins Glynt Pottery

My granddaughter loves to draw. I particularly like her manga/animé sketches. (You can learn all you need to know about manga, and then some, from wikipedia.) As Sofie tells me drawing in the manga style is all about mood. Well, I'm her grandma and to me everything she does es excellent. And, I'm a potter so after seeing several of her manga sketches I thought : "I can put that on a mug!"

I made the suggestion to Sofie and she reluctantly made three sketches, two of which I've put on a mug as a first test on how to best work with them. I think I'll have her draw some directly on the clay instead of having me copy them. And maybe we'll try painting them on over a white glaze.

Glynt and SRL
 I'm thinking I'll make some tree ornaments for the holidays and maybe I'll put one on a yarn bowl.

In any case, Sofie has been promised a third of the proceeds from any item sold that features her drawings. And she said she will make some more sketches in different moods.

It's cool to be 9!
I think she was pretty happy with the results and especially w/ the idea that she would get paid for them! She put her initials on the bottom of the mug right next to my signature.


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