Saturday, January 5, 2013

Season of the Witch

This box became a honey jar.
I make pots and imagine the kind of life they will live when they find their home. But, more often than not, they go on to live completely different lives than the ones I envision. I make and sell a lot of brie bakers and imagine them serving delicious brie cheese with all kinds of scrumptious toppings, but a friend thinks that her brie baker makes a perfect sandwich plate! I make small boxes that I imagine will serve as jewelry keeps, but this box went on to a life as a honey jar.

 Last year, on the drive back from the Utilitarian Clay Conference (at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts), Donovan came on the car radio singing Season of the Witch. That is a great song and I've always liked Donovan! As I was driving north on I-81, I decided to make a Season of the Witch yarn bowl. The bowl I made had the words "you've got to pick up every stitch" on the outside and cutouts of two rabbits running. I finished the bowl just in time for the City of Fairfax Holiday Show. I never took proper photos of the yarn bowl because I thought it would be an item that people might chuckle over but not buy... I figured I had plenty of time to take photos.

Here's the Season of the Witch bowl
Well, the bowl sold the first day of the show to a lady who didn't get the Donovan reference at all. But she thought it would make the perfect gift for a friend who just started to learn to knit. "This will remind her to pick up every stitch," she said. I thought about telling her about Donovan... but didn't.

I wonder if that yarn bowl will ever encounter someone who'll say: "Wait a minute! ... pick up every stitch... two rabbits (running in a ditch)... must be the Season of the Witch!" I hope so!     

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