Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kiln Wash

Old shelves
Cleaning kiln shelves is one of my least favorite things to do. But lately that chore has become less of a hassle thanks to John Britt's Super-Awesome No-Crack Kiln Wash. I had some shelves that I was ready to throw out because they had over 10 years of kiln wash build up. The minute I put the wash on it would start cracking and flying all over the kiln, getting on fired pots... It was a disaster! 
John Britt's kiln wash is amazing. Not only are my new shelves protected and looking good, but the nasty old shelves with all their old cracked wash are back in working order. This wash covers the old wash so it isn't a problem any more.

Here's the recipe: 

Super-Awesome No-Crack Kiln Wash


Alumina Hydrate

Calcined EPK Kaolin

EPK Kaolin



G-200 Feldspar

1 – 2%
Shelves w/ wash drying in the sun

And you can read all about it in John's article, The Many Layers of Kiln Wash.  

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