Saturday, January 25, 2014

No more pictures!

My studio is small, but I keep everything well organized so that I can function pretty well. Except when I'm glazing.Then, it's a mess of buckets everywhere: glaze buckets, buckets of water for rinsing the bisque ware, buckets of water for rinsing tools as I move from one glaze to the next. Then there are glazed pieces drying on every possible flat surface. So my dance around the studio has to be even more careful than usual. 

Nevertheless, things have gone quite well over all these years. Yesterday my luck ran out. I was standing next to a bucket full of water where I had been rinsing tools and the bottoms of pots after glazing. That means, that the water was full of glaze and clay particles. I reached over a table full of glazed pots to pick up my camera. I grabbed the camera but as I was bringing it over I dropped it in the bucket. What can I say? It was bound to happen. The camera is now sitting in a bag full of rice, but I don't have much hope that it will work again, mainly because of all the grit from the clay and glazes that was in the water.

So... what was so important that I needed to take a picture in the middle of glazing? I wanted to show you the textured boxes that I had been working on at pottery class. Here are the pictures... and really, it doesn't bode well for the camera, does it?

Back to the boxes... They are really cute, with texture on the the outside and inside of the lids and a very clever way of getting it done. When I have a camera again I'll do a tutorial.

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