Thursday, December 18, 2008

300 Hearts!

Another milestone! My etsy shop has 300 hearts! There's no better feeling than that of being loved! What is this all about, you wonder? Let me tell you:

Hearts are a way in which buyers and seller on bookmark a shop or an item in a shop that they like. Then, when ready to make a purchase, they can easily find their favorite shops and items simply by looking at their hearted shops in their "Favorites" pages.

Hearts can also serve as a means of saying "Welcome to the Team!" When someone new joins one of the Etsy teams to which I belong, I like to visit their shop and give them "a big heart" as a virtual hug and kiss of welcome.

Some hearts are particularly important to me; namely, those that come from fellow potters because there is nothing more satisfying than to have a colleague admire one's work.

Please visit the Etsy Mud Team's Shop and look over the wonderful work for sale there. All sales from the Team's shop go to support team activities. A quick and easy way to find the work of all Mud Team members on Etsy is to visit the Team's official website. On the front page you will find a link to the Mud Team Catalog organized by function (bowls, plates, mugs, etc), color, design content (birds, cats, butterflies, skulls, etc.) and medium (stoneware, porcelain, raku, pit fired, etc.).

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KayzKreationz said...

Congratulations. Doesn't it feel great? My shop just got 105 hearts yesterday. I was so excited.