Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Very Talented Daughter

My very talented daughter, Andrea, made this fabulous holiday card for me to send to my customers. I just love it! She did wonders with a not-so-great photograph. And I love how she picked out the green from the teapot and the red from the bow for the lettering.

Andi has been dabbling in design since she was in high-school. In fact, she designed the T-shirt for her senior year class party. Lately, she has been designing all kinds of announcement for her friends and family: births, birthdays, thank-you cards, holiday cards, you name it! We finally convinced her that she should starting charging for doing this, so she has settled on $25 for the design. You can email Andi if you are interested in having her design an announcement for you. And, if I have your address, you might be getting one of these gorgeous cards from me!


andrea.gabor said...

MOM! You are so sweet! I am blushing! Thanks for the plug! :)

Michelle said...

very pretty card! Great proud mommy post too :)