Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Gift of Inspiration!

Just got back from Christmas Eve dinner at my brother's house. We have a long-standing family tradition of only giving gifts to the kids, but there's always someone who feels the need to buy a gift for one of the adults, causing all the rest to say "I thought we were only buying gifts for the kids!"
This year I thought I would be the one to break the "kids only" rule for gift-giving because I wanted my sister-in-law to have one of my platters, which she had admired at Thanksgiving. But it turned out that she also had a gift for me... and what a fabulous gift: 500 Bowls: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design. This is a fantastic book, full of color photographs of the most beautiful bowls... It's like food for the eyes! Inspiration on all the pages! I am poring over the pages tonight and going back into the studio tomorrow after too long a spell of not getting any clay work done!


Muddyfingers said...

Merry Christmas, Graciela! I LOVE that book!! You will be inspired!!

jeanette said...

Nice gift!!! Lovely series of books that have been on my wishlist for ages! Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!

Santiago said...

it was great to have you and the "kids" over--sorry it ended early.

see you on the 28th...did you mean 'poring'?

Jerry said...

I received that book for Christmas as well and I love it. The Lark books are such an inspiration. FYI, the call for entries for 500 Vases in on now and entries much be postmarked by Feb 2.

BTW, I just discovered your blog and I'm just up the road, outside of Frederick, MD. I was involved at Creative Clay years ago when I lived in NoVA. It was a great place. I've not had a chance to visit since the change of ownership.