Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Holiday for the Grandkids!

This year only the grandkids are getting gifts. That's how it was when I was growing up. We would put our shoes out on the night of January 5th and on January 6th my brother and I would wake up to find what the Three Wise Men had brought us. Afterwards Dad might take us to the beach. That was in Uruguay, of course, where the holidays come in the Summer!

My 6-year old grandson, Jacob, asked me for Shel Silverstein books and that's what I got him: A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends. I'm so happy that he is enjoying this author because his Mom loved him when she was his age. His 4-year old sister, Sofie, the only girl in the bunch, is getting a Fancy Nancy cloth doll and book because she's a very fancy girl herself. Both of them are also getting a board game to play with Lela (that's me!) when she babysits on Wednesday nights!

Alex is only 16 months and his Mom (that would be Andi, the daughter I bragged about in previous posts who just opened her own Etsy shop) said to just get him some clothes he could grow into. So I did that and also got him a farm truck with some animals in it that he's sure to love.

Ben lives far from us and we don't get to see him very often. This year the family got a wonderful Holiday gift in the form baby brother Josh who was born a couple of weeks ago. Grandad is sending Ben a Santa on a Harley that sings "Born to Be Wild" (daughter is sure to get a laugh!). I'm sending him a Mr. Potato Head and some cars (he loves cars!). And for Baby Josh? He's going to get a lot of hugs and kisses when we visit soon, but for now we're sending him the cutest plush bear and tiny pair of shoes to put out for the Three Wise Men.

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